Ancient Vietnamese Movies: Challenges with filmmakers


Hard on the surface

Ancient Vietnamese Movies: Challenges with filmmakers Before the official shooting date (15-7), director Do Duc Thinh, who made the film ancient Quynh, shared frankly: “In Vietnam, film making history, history, ancient hard 10 times compared to other genres. Because of the context, costume … we do not much. Therefore, the crew had to start over and almost completely. ”

With that view, Ngo Thi Bich Hien, Vice President of BHD Company, said that the project of Vietnamese film to star him is still in preparation before the official shooting. “Besides investing in production, we also spent a lot of time looking for actors, contexts, building scripts Vietnamese culture to match the history and culture of Vietnam.” The cast of the film made a great deal of support, advice from experts, historians, as well as some young people who studied history … to be able to choose the historical dynasty that suited the context. and the story of the film. “Accordingly, why take him to Vietnam will choose a period in the 19th century, under the reign of King Tu Duc. Some major contexts for this period have also been selected to build the main context for the film. ”

Historically, most of the famous films of Vietnamese cinema: Pham Cong – Cuc Hoa, Golden Jade, Long Tri Festival, Luc Van Tien, Royal Candles, Tents, Thang Long Wishes, Long to hold fake … are invested by the state, production. In recent years, some private film companies have stepped into this category, but the level is still rather cautious, the number of films is only counted on the finger tips such as Tay Son masterpiece, Heroic hero …


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Vietnamese antique movies have impressed the audience

Ngo Thanh Van, who has had two consecutive projects with colorful colors, is fictitious on the day of bouncing today and Cam membrane: Untold story, said that the private film makers are afraid of this subject has many Reason: Vietnam does not have separate studio for this genre, investment on costumes, costly context … To implement Cam membrane: The story is not separate, the costumes have four designers including Trinh Hoang Dieu, Thuy Nguyen, Mai Lam, Tung Vu join forces in the implementation phase. “Each ancient project is often compared, commenting on pure Vietnamese, so we try to find materials, costumes bearing bold culture, typically shirt,” director Duc Thinh said. .

It was difficult but the audience was so enthusiastic that the producers started to show more courage when stepping into this category. By the end of 2017, Ngo Thanh Van announced in the next 3-5 years will produce a series of films about fairy tales, Vietnamese myths: Status, St. Giong, Thach Sanh, Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh … Actor producer Truong Ngoc Anh also announced her handshake with director Victor Vu to implement Son Tinh project, Glass. Southern Film is still working on the series of Vietnam fairy tale television.

Will the rice sauce

Producer Ngo Thanh Van once complained: “If only 20 billion film making ancient movies will be difficult. We want to have many things, try our best but still is not possible in the context of Vietnamese cinema. If there are 30-40 billion will be different. According to director Duc Thinh: “Production budget for the team is a normal story, so manufacturers have to find ways, rice rice sauce.”

In terms of production costs, most historical films have a higher level than the market. At the time of heroic heroic, the cost of 25 billion is considered the highest level of Vietnamese cinema. American custom also cost 17 billion, Tay Son or masterpiece Today bouncing today is 12 billion. “We expect Quynh’s budget to be around VND22-25 billion,” Duc Thinh said.

There are many different ways to solve the difficult problem of making films in this genre. Many crews often try to focus on internal scenes, limiting the scene. In the context of technology, filmmaking techniques are increasingly developed for the film crews more optimal solutions such as using techniques. With only 30 soldiers, a horse, ế team Cam membrane: The story has not created a great battle. The context of the palace, the festival in the film are bold imprints. Director Duc Thinh added: “We expect to use 20% -30% of the film’s effects, especially with the scenes, the outside.” At present, the film crews use green technology, then apply the technique to have the scene as desired.

Asked what to do and what is the prerequisite for a successful film, Ms. Ngo Thi Bich Hien said: “To make a film historical, historical … attractive to the audience, no. It must be easy. By space, time, context too much compared to the present time. Therefore, besides investing in production costs, reflecting on the historical spirit, the way of building the context, the way of shaping the character and the importance of the approach, telling the story plays a very important role. . In the internet age, viewers can quickly learn about the events, the evolution of history. So, how does that historical story fit into the approach and narrative of the filmmaker? Therefore, a good script is a prerequisite that contributes to the success of the movie. ”

Also mentioned is the scripting factor for intelligent way, in accordance with production potential, Director Duc Thinh emphasized: “Pre-production should be done thoughtfully, determine what you do and not OK. All of this must be based on reality in order not to overstate production and within budget limits

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