Perchang review

Perchangfeels like it was designed to test your ability to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time. With only two simple buttons as controls, Perchang’s beautifully minimalist puzzling serves up a satisfying amount of challenge. That’s the ball game In Perchang, the object of any given level is to get a certain number of balls from a designated starting point into a funnel somewhere else in the environment. In most situations, the path between start and

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Neo Turf Masters review

The Neo Geo arcade classic Neo Turf Masters has finally made its way to mobile, complete with some minor changes to help it work better on iOS devices. These changes probably won’t be the deciding factor on whether or not you pick this up though, as nostalgia is the main reason to return to Neo Turf Masters. Tee it up If you’re familiar at all with arcade golf games like Hot Shots Golf, Neo Turf Mastersis a very similar affair.

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Nonstop Knight review

One of the keys to making a dungeon-crawler hard to put down is the promise of constant, incremental progression through leveling up, earning new abilities, and–most importantly–gear. Nonstop Knight is a new release from flaregames that takes this concept to its logical extreme: it is always being played, whether you like it or not. Unlimited possibility Players kick off Nonstop Knight by playing a short tutorial that offers the only pauses of the game. The idea is simple: Wander through dungeons, kill

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Build Away! – Idle City Builder review

The premise of Build Away! is simple: gold allows you build, and buildings constantly produce gold in return. You start with a couple of rusty shacks, one of them being the town hall of this city state, and progressively, you can erect apartment complexes, and cardboard factories, and gas stations … The roster of available blueprints is considerable, from cafes to supermarkets to water factories. The more sophisticated the building, the more gold it’ll produce. Likewise, each building site requires

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Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari review

There are too many endless runners on the App Store, and most of them are virtually indistinguishable. Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safariis not one of these games. It takes the endless runner and adds a level of persistence and collection mechanics to feel like a fresh take on an old hat. Running a zoo As an endless runner, Rodeo Stampede has you running (well, riding) endlessly on a variety of zoo creatures including water buffalo, elephants, and more, all while

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Adventure Company review

Developer: Foursaken Media Price: Free Version: 1.0.3 App Reviewed on: iPad Air 2 Graphics/Sound Rating: User Interface Rating: Gameplay Rating: Replay Value Rating: Overall Rating: Adventure Company is an action RPG from Foursaken Media, a mobile development house that’s been cranking out releases this year. As with most of their releases, this game might not be the definitive action RPG experience on iOS, but Adventure Company is a gosh darn compelling package nonetheless. Venture Forth The setup for Adventure Companyis quite simple:

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Dawnbringer review

Infinity Blade brought Punch-Out’s mechanics to a dark medieval mobile fantasy, and we all loved it. In many regards, Dawnbringer is just another spin to this concept. It would not be completely unfair to state that Dawnbringer is derivative. However, the usage of known tropes is not necessarily detrimental. Games should be judged by the execution of these tropes, and often times, the different nuances among these contexts make a big difference. Demon invasion The story begins with a fraternal rivalry,

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