Adventure Company review

Developer: Foursaken Media Price: Free Version: 1.0.3 App Reviewed on: iPad Air 2 Graphics/Sound Rating: User Interface Rating: Gameplay Rating: Replay Value Rating: Overall Rating: Adventure Company is an action RPG from Foursaken Media, a mobile development house that’s been cranking out releases this year. As with most of their releases, this game might not be the definitive action RPG experience on iOS, but Adventure Company is a gosh darn compelling package nonetheless. Venture Forth The setup for Adventure Companyis quite simple:

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Dawnbringer review

Infinity Blade brought Punch-Out’s mechanics to a dark medieval mobile fantasy, and we all loved it. In many regards, Dawnbringer is just another spin to this concept. It would not be completely unfair to state that Dawnbringer is derivative. However, the usage of known tropes is not necessarily detrimental. Games should be judged by the execution of these tropes, and often times, the different nuances among these contexts make a big difference. Demon invasion The story begins with a fraternal rivalry,

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