Cut The Rope 2

How to play Cut the Rope 2

There are lots of ways to play through Cut the Rope, which is part of what makes it such a popular game. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of tips and tricks to help you get Om Nom through levels and to his prized candy faster. From finding secret items to completing additional challenges, Cut the Rope 2 is packed full of different ways to earn bonus items, unlock additional levels, and more. Here are the top 10 tips, tricks,

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Secret Kingdom Defenders Review

Secret Kingdom Defenders Review

Secret Kingdom Defenders starts off nicely. You’re a young monk on a long journey, but along the way you’re going to need some close friends to overcome the problems you find along the way. Secret Kingdom Defenders Review Think Wizard of Oz, but set in Ancient China, and presented in a cute cartoon style, and you’ve got it (well, kind of). |> Play now: best actions games This is the latest release from Doppler Hat Games, and it revolves around rescuing

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Drag’n’Boom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Drag’n’Boom is an explosive twin stick-style arcade romp starring an acrobatic, fire-breathing dragon. Our heated hero’s one goal in life is to amass gold while smiting would-be dragon slayers with flame and fang. His projectile fireballs are able to take down soldiers, wizards, and sheep alike, while his impressive speed sends him flying through villages’ defenses and straight towards their treasuries. Gamezebo’s Drag’n’Boom Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you maximize your dragon skills to earn more bucks with your

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Absolute Beginner Starter Guide – Fallout 4 Wiki Guide – IGN

Players new to Fallout may have a difficult time adjusting to some of the vast game’s less-well explained aspects. Our starter guide and complete beginner’s primer will help you understand some of the more abstruse aspects of the vast world of the Commonwealth. How to play apple worm. In addition to the complete starter guide below, you can get more help with our other guides on Things to Do First in Fallout 4, Things Fallout 4 Doesn’t Tell You, and Things

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Battle Boom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

It’s time to bring explosions to the battlefield in Battle Boom, a tower defense RTS game! Be the ultimate commander and deploy a variety of powerful units, like Riflemen, Flamers, Snipers, and of course Tanks! With over 70 types of units, your army is yours as the combinations are endless! Our Battle Boom cheats and tips will give you some pointers on how to win on the battlefield. How to play barbie puzzle games for girl. In Battle Boom, battles are

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Top 5 best card games online multiplayer

1.Duelyst Duelyst is essentially a aggregate of hearthstone and final myth techniques. The combat and card mechanics are extremely much like hearthstone, but you summon your gadgets onto a five-by means of-nine grid wherein they are capable of bypass spherical each turn. It is a easy recreation to have a look at with a huge quantity of desire and choice-making spurred through its board. It also has an interesting ‘replace’ mechanic that lets you mulligan one card out of your

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Thor movies

Thor is uneven but just so much fun

Lets get that out of the way but really any film with Thor in it let alone any of the Avengers is by definition, batshit crazy. The exception here is that Taika Waititi embraces the Crazy, he fosters it and it does pay off. Remember how bad Thor: Dark World was? Probably not, because like most traumatic incidents you have lost the memory. Where could Thor take a standalone film that was enjoyable and still maintain a link to the

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Justice League movies

Justice League – Entertaining but flawed

So after seeing Batman vs Superman, I didn’t exactly have high hopes for this film. The trailer, particularly, with it’s sacrilegious abomination cover of the Beatles’ Come Together, gave me mixed feelings about it. DC have been playing catch-up with Marvel for ages, and it really shows. Half of the Justice League have already been introduced from previous films. The others (Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg) are given their proper debut here (no, I’m not counting their brief cameos in

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Top 7 Multimedia Apps For The iPhone

By now, most people have heard or even owned an Apple iPhone. With the whole world talking about it and other companies taking ideas from its successful release and sales (the most important of which is the large database of third party applications), it is very unlikely for someone not to know about it. iPhone has started a revolution, and thanks to it we can now see and use other great mobile operating systems like Android and Windows 7 Phone.

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Create a iPhone App

How to Create a iPhone App Without Programming Expertise

All software apps, be it for the iPhone, iPad, Android or any other computer software platform, have come from a casual concept, idea or thought. In the past, taking the idea to app development has been the exclusive domain of a select group of computer software development professionals. For quite a few years, and particularly for those who’re outside the software development community, the method on how this is completed has remained a complete mystery. In today’s globally connected world,

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