DinoBoy Adventures: A fantastic storybook app that let’s the young reader decide

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There are plenty of great kids apps out there designed to provide them with an interactive storybook experience. However, we can safely say we haven’t see one like today’s, called DinoBoy Adventures. DinoBoy Adventures follows along as a young boy dresses up as a cute little dinosaur. However, there’s less “following” along in the story and more deciding on the part of the reader, because this app is very much a choose-your-own-adventure type of storybook. The reader gets to decide what happens next, be it making Dino Boy pet a dog, play with a bird, or even take a walk through the city. There are tasks throughout the game for the reader to engage with, like doing zipper doors, hopping up onto a swing, and plenty more, all geared toward gross motor skills and wrapped up in an engaging atmosphere. The app has expertly designed graphics and environments, with some real-world photography throw into the mix for good measure. There is a Read To me feature, as well as Read To Myself, so no matter the reading capabilities any child can enjoy DinoBoy Adventures. Give it a download and see how your child’s imagination is spurred on by the fantastic story contained within.

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