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Pure Vegas is an exciting realistic casino simulation that offers an impressive number of fun slot machines. Available for free with in-app purchases, Pure Vegas, by Naladex CB, offers an impressive number of different slots machines. Features: screen322x572-13-169x300 The name of Pure Vegas really aptly tells of its features. The app is a digital slots game. However, instead of other apps that only feature one or two different machines, Pure Vegas has an entire lineup of digital slot machines. While playing slots can seem pretty repetitive to many people, this variety in the in-app slots can help to keep players interested for longer periods of time. You can purchase different coin packages for optimal playing experiences, or you can just use the free coins that are provided here and there throughout the app; if you’re particularly lucky, you’ll be able to just play on these free coins alone. In addition to an impressive lineup of slot games, Pure Vegas also features the ability to join online tournaments or play against your Facebook friends. Games run smoothly, with no lag at all. Appearance and Layout:

Pure Vegas iPhone App Review

Pure Vegas iPhone Game

Players of Pure Vegas will be impressed by the graphics of this slots app. Like any real slots experience, the colors of Pure Vegas are bright and enticing. The in-app light animations also help add to the feeling of a “real” slots experience. The main area of possible improvement that I could identify within the app, however, was the layout. While it does not take an extensive amount of time to figure out your way around Pure Vegas, the layout is still not necessarily purely intuitive and a little bit of a better intro tour within the app would probably be appreciated by many users. Value: As mentioned previously, Pure Vegas is a free app. In-app purchases for more coins can easily be made, and most frequent players of Pure Vegas will probably opt for this option. While you are given free coins and different winnings within the app, you’ll probably run out of these free coins fairly quickly unless you happen to be very lucky. As a whole, Pure Vegas is arguably a well designed app and will appeal to players of digital slot games. Its variety of machines sets it apart from many of its competitors, making it a unique playing experience.

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