List 3 best games certainly can not be ignored


Closers Online is a fast-paced, action-packed action game featuring horizontal screenplay that is similar to the popular multiplayer titles released in Vietnam such as Dragonica, RaiderZ, etc. Participating in the game, Players will be selected between different characters to fight … >>> makeover games Closers Online creates a strong impression of Vietnamese gamers by catching the eye on the action of the horizontal screen, allowing players to continuously combine the combo skills while attacking, simultaneously adding the special effects in the game. Struggling to make an impression. game_online-1Control mechanism in Closers Online is quite simple and does not bring too much difference compared to carrying the title severely cut type games, when players control the character move with the arrow keys, the hot key (0-9). However, some keys come with character-specific moves such as Z for regular attacks, X for dancing, Space for quick reversal, etc. Avabel Online Avabel Online brings the player to a strange tower carrying a wide variety of rooms. Here, each room offers a world of its own and belongs to the masses of bosses and fierce monsters. Possessing popularity in the MMORPG, the player conquered the world in the game as well as destroy the enemy in secret. game_online-2 Beyond the latest Unity3D graphics. Avabel Online not only gives the player exclusive footage, but is slow to deploy as the skill is not excellent. Each character in the game has its own hobbies and is dressed in unique European outfits. The game gives the player thousands of different questable proprietary propositions that help the player to gain a generous reward. Most of the missions in Avabel Online will force the player to attack, destroy monsters on level or fight with a boss. However, players can buy other items through the extensive events brought by the GM. Blast Out Blast Out is based on a long-standing custom map of WarCraft 3. Basically, gamers will be put in a dangerous war, the ownership of the land will be shrinking, you will Finding ways to push the opponent – it is the other players out (easier) or beat them out of blood (very hard) to win. Of course, to do this, the player needs a variety of skill lines that will be produced when leveling up. It is interesting that you own the option to change them or upgrade after a period of time in battle.   Blast Out not only gives you a skill but a set of skills, so we are all set to make combo effects as you like to push others out or destroy them. Even so, the most attractive element of this game is still the ‘hacking brain’ opponents with the road blockers that make the opponent unable to dodge, is really not funny.

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