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MemPal is a fun free memory challenge game that’s hard to put down. With in-app customizable options, this app takes a simple memory game concept to a much more fun and personalizable level. screen322x572-19-169x300

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Features: MemPal, by Dynetix Design Solutions Inc, has features that are easily summed up in its name. Specifically, this app is designed to be a fun memory challenge, similar to a game you might play with a friend. In this case, however, your “pal” is this little app; fortunately for those who might not have photographic memories, MemPal is a nice friend and starts out with really simple memory challenges. At first, these challenges are actually so simple that some players might lose their interest in the app. For those who decide to push through, the farther you get into MemPal the more intense, exciting, and fun the memory challenges become. The overall concept of the game, however, remains the same so there isn’t any new technique you have to learn to stay successful at higher levels, which is really appreciated. Some extra complicated memory challenges can be purchased through in-app purchases if desired as well. If you like a good memory challenge, do not overlook these. Players who want to personalize their MemPal experience can do so by making in-app purchases to add their own photos into the app. The app even includes an option to create your own MemPal-playing playlist while you work through the app’s puzzles. One of the aspects of this game that we liked a lot is that MemPal is integrated with IOS Game Center and so users may post their results to the MemPal leaderboard and achievement boards (requires Social Media IAP), and send/receive challenges to/from their GC friends. Appearance and Layout:

MemPal iPhone App Review

MemPal iPhone App

“Simple” would probably be the best way to describe MemPal’s graphics. While this simplicity is part of what makes the game so fun, it would be appreciated if the graphics/layout of the app were a little more impressive. I appreciated the easy-to-navigate interface of MemPal, but at the same time I think more work could have been done to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The memory icons themselves within the app are actually impressively detailed, however; if you aren’t succeeding at MemPal, you certainly don’t have the graphics to blame at all! Value: MemPal is a fun app. It’s easy to get the hang of, and the levels all build up gradually enough to challenge you but not overwhelm you. The concept of MemPal is similar to many other memory-challenge apps, but  the level of personalization via the in-app purchases is definitely greater. While some consumers probably won’t have any interest in these purchases, those who are won’t be disappointed. As a whole, MemPal is a well-designed, easy to understand app that can definitely help you workout your “memory muscles.”

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