Pirate Kings – Game mobile is causing chaos Facebook

Pirate Kings - Game mobile is causing chaos Facebook

Pirate Kings – Game mobile is causing chaos Facebook. Not a new game, but the Pirate Kings is really disturbing social network Facebook with the number of players increased rapidly. As the army becomes increasingly crowded and dangerous, the rest can only join in … play along. Also bring a simple, addictive gameplay, whether the Pirate Kings have made the phenomenon like Candy Crush before?

Pirate Kings – Game mobile is causing chaos Facebook

In fact, the Pirate Kings has been on Facebook since September 2014. A product developed by Jelly Button Games, a game development company from Israel. It is unclear where but the Pirate Kings are really causing facebook community disturbance by the invitation and “show off” of the Pirates.

In the new online game Pirate Kings, the player will play a mighty pirate in battle, your task is to dominate all the Seven Oceans, build the most beautiful island for yourself and tons. merge the island of another to become the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean. Specifically, you will collect gold to build, protect the kingdom on your island.

Pirate Kings - Game mobile is causing chaos Facebook
Pirate Kings – Game mobile is causing chaos Facebook

For those who have been bombed “invite Pirate Kings” are curious to try once. With the gameplay can not be simpler, players just press the button to spin the wheel to earn gold, armor or attack and rob the resources from other players. The probability of spinning into gold is quite high, while others have a lower rate.

With the amount of gold you can spend on buying decorative items for your island such as building houses, building boats, planting trees … to create your own island personality. These items are fixed, not much customizable for players that can change but can only upgrade them more beautifully.

Especially when shooting the special features you will feel happy always. For example, Steal allows you to steal gold from random players around the world, Defend Armor will help you fight other night attacks, Spins give you extra turns and when. In the Attack box you will be bombarded with other people’s houses.

Explain the “phenomenon” Pirate Kings: There are quite a few similarities keep this mobile game up with the previous Candy Crush:

First, the Pirate Kings allow users to connect with Facebook from their smartphone and vice versa. It can invite friends to play, race top, show achievements or “network”

Secondly, the online game or Pirate Kings has a simple, lightweight and easy-to-play vertical screen style that does not require a high level of machine configuration, playing across all devices using three operating systems. They are iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Thirdly, the Pirate Kings entertainment game is not limited to specific play time, you can play it on Facebook or smartphone, as long as you are fit.

Fourth, to play the Pirate Kings, users outside the way to recharge their physical changes, there are only two ways: waiting for physical recovery in a certain time or invite your friends on facebook to join the game. in exchange for physical strength. The first one will take a lot of time while the second one is simpler, but sometimes annoys those who do not want to play the game. This has in fact been the case with Candy Crush in the past when many people asked their friends to send fitness points.

Finally, the Pirate Kings are designed to be light-hearted players with addictive elements that hit the gamers’ minds. In order to protect his island as well as earn gold, players are forced to engage in wheel spinning activities to earn gold. In addition, attacking the island of other players (especially friends) brings a sense of excitement to the player. And vice versa, being constantly attacked or even “gangbang” by many people push blood to eat, want your revenge higher than ever. Even so, there appeared cases of “unfriend” facebook just because of the attack too many times.

Many argue that the Pirate Kings are just emerging from the crowd. Can not bring the challenge as well as attract players like Candy Crush before. However, the Pirate Kings is still the name of the recent Facebook community riots. Each person will have their own feel for the game but can not be denied Pirate Kings bring a lot of emotions for players.

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