Steel Division: Normandy ’44 Review

Steel Division: Normandy ’44 Review Steel Division: Normandy ’44 is a very peculiar sort of real-time strategy game. Instead of trying to encapsulate hundreds of years of history or even the entirety of a single war, Steel Division is all about the specifics. Your pool of units is limited to a few key types. The rest is emergent–these soldiers and their gear were designed to work in tandem, so you’ll need to as well. But that leads to beautiful match

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Guardians Of The Galaxy – Episode 2: Under Pressure PC Review

Guardians Of The Galaxy – Episode 2: Under Pressure Review Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy series slows down with Episode 2. After an action-packed first episode, the second’s slower pace leaves room for more substantial character moments. On occasion, however, that space is filled with manufactured drama, as key decisions revolve around playing favorites with the Guardians in a way that comes off as petty high school drama instead of the culmination of natural tension among the group. Fortunately, there’s

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review For PS4

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review Fans of old-school platformers have had plenty of choices lately, and WayForward’s Shantae: Half-Genie Hero–the latest in the series that debuted on the Game Boy Color–is yet another great addition to the list. The franchise has received two excellent, intentionally retro-styled adventures on modern platforms, but Half-Genie Hero mixes in modern 3D graphics with its traditional 2D gameplay, which makes for a game that straddles the line between new and old. The Shantae series always had

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Hoyle Solitaire Review For PC

Hoyle Solitaire Review Want to waste a lot of time? No, I’m not talking about watching infomercials on late-night TV. This is the best kind of time waster – solitaire! I checked out Sierra’s Hoyle’s Solitaire and found I could do little more than play it. The laundry hasn’t been done, the bills haven’t been paid, and it’s all because of this terribly engrossing game. Of course, it helps if you actually like card games – if you do, God

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World Of Final Fantasy-Game Online Review

World Of Final Fantasy World of Final Fantasy feels like a game that celebrates the series’ massive legacy while also making it friendlier to a younger audience. Unfortunately, it stumbles in a few key places, making it more of an awkward mixer than the all-encompassing RPG party players might be anticipating. Things don’t exactly get off to a rollicking start. After a cryptic initial cutscene, you’re treated to a too-long set of introductory cinematics that offer little in the way

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Hearthstone’s Arena mode receiving an overhaul, dozens of cards to be removed| Game Review

Hearthstone’s Arena mode receiving an overhaul, dozens of cards to be removed Hearthstone’s Arena See more: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review No Mans Sky Review Feed the Rats Review: A physics-based puzzle game Balancing a wild, weird card digital card game like Hearthstone has never been an easy task for Blizzard, but the developer has especially struggled with the game’s Arena mode. In this mode, players draft a deck of 30 cards on the spot, choosing each card from a

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer  After years and years of decorating my Animal Crossing houses with Japanese-style tea rooms, toy-filled playrooms, and cutesy kitchens, spinoff Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has finally gotten me to completely change it up. Decorating animals’ houses instead of my own, combined with a vastly improved decorating and sharing system, allowed me to be more creative than ever. The lack of tangible rewards and other things to do sometimes left me feeling unsatisfied, but there’s

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review The little mushroom man finally gets his name on the marquee, and the result is a charming, unique, and puzzle-heavy adventure. Some enemies can be defeated with Toad’s head lamp. See More: No Mans Sky Review Get Lucky with Pure Vegas MemPal – You Can Build Your Memory Skills In the shadow of Nintendo’s big holiday release of Smash Bros. comes Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, an odd experiment that spun off of a set of

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