Theatrical release in July 2018


Theatrical release in July 2018 ELLE Vietnam magazine introduces you new movie screenings, which will be featured in Vietnamese audience in July, 2018.


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Movie theaters person is and Warrior Ong after the civil war of fierce, The Ant Scott Lang faced with difficult choices in their daily lives: How superhero shouldering the heavy responsibility of the world or as a normal father. In the meantime, Scott was called up by Dr. Hank Pym and Hope Warrior Van Dyne to perform a new urgent task. Scott would have to wear the Ante shirt again and fight alongside the Warriors to unleash the mysteries of the past.


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Mr. England “Heaven Mark” is a romantic comedy tells the story of brothers oppositely Chut (Sunny) and Jane (Yaya). But do not look at the appearance of Chut like that mistaken for “his bravery” nhé, whenever any boy try to see his sister, what kind of brother was also expelled by him (actually the purpose is. vindicate that!). That’s why Jane hid his relationship with Moji (Nichkhun) – the handsome Japanese hybrid, because Jane does not want everything “burned not burn” as the previous. But love is how to keep it secret? When Chut knew that Jane and Moji had met each other, they both made serious promises and were married. So did Chut stay still? Wow, what have you done to make your sister happy? Your brother will not let this happen!


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Cinema Mystery 3 tells the story of  a luxury yacht cruise, Count Dracula meets the thunderbird with the beautiful female captain Ericka. Despite the hundreds of years old Dracula still limp limbs, heart beat rhythm, speechless when facing the beautiful. Before the love scene without dare to speak of Dracula, the monsters have been together as a reluctant mercenary, help vampire gentleman take the heart of the dream. From here, a series of funny bad jokes happen, creating a memorable trip.


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Cinema Tower skyscraper on Will Ford (Dwayne Johnson) is the former head of the rescue team of the FBI. Unfortunately, in a dangerous mission, a terrible accident happened to Will that he lost his left leg. Since then, Will Ford has quit his job at the FBI and has become a security expert for buildings. At one point of work, a 240-story building with state-of-the-art security systems suddenly burned down on the 96th floor. The men, traps and forces behind the disaster are targeting veterans and marriages. he is the hostage.

Featured movie theater in 6/2018

Featured movie theater in 6/2018

ELLE Vietnam Magazine introduces you new movie screenings, notably will be released to the audience in Vietnam …

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the revenant putlocker

arrival putlockers


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After successfully settling a difficult case in the past, the duo disbanded Sherlock Holmes’ “student Kang Tae-man (Kwon Sang-woo) and legendary inspector Noh Tae-soo (Song Dong- il) decided to open a private detective office. Former Yeochi cybercriminal (Lee Kwang-soo) was also invited to be his assistant for the first time as a detective. However, dreams and reality are quite the opposite. The burden of living expenses is that they can not sit still and wait for the cases to come to them, but they have to go to the police station to practice “illegally”. In the end, all three were lucky to find the first case worth 50 million won. “The trio hard to support” began the process of dissecting the “laughing tears” with the belief of immortality: “On the way we go, no case can not solve it.


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Ten years after Mamma Mia! earning $ 609 million worldwide, the audience will again be sublimated with the melody of youthful blaze like burning sunshine in Mamma Mia !: Love again (Original title: Mamma Mia !: Here We Go Again) . The setting of the movie takes place in the magical island of Kalokairi, where the immortal music of the ABBA group resounds in a whole new way. Mamma Mia !: Love is promised will be the sweet love of a dream that the audience can not miss this summer.


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Muay Thai Legend: 9 Piece Swords is a story about the adventures of a boy named Ott. His mission is to rescue his hometown, Ramathep City, from the slaughter of the giant demon Dahayaksa. Ott has been practicing hard-working Muay Thai martial arts for many years from Master Lao. He has the mission of bringing the spirit of “9 Satra” to the heir of Ramathep to protect his kingdom. Along with the friends Xiaolan (Chinese pirate girl), Vata (prince of the Monkey Kingdom) and Red Asura (Red Giant). Can Ott fulfill his mission and save the kingdom from the dark forces?


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Movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible series . Although this year is 56 years old, the role of agent Tom Cruise ‘s Ethan Hunt remains as cool as the first film 20 years ago. Ethan Hunt gets into trouble again and the world is in jeopardy. Dramatic action, choking will bring explosive emotions, making viewers unable to take their eyes off.

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