Thor is uneven but just so much fun

Thor movies

Lets get that out of the way but really any film with Thor in it let alone any of the Avengers is by definition, batshit crazy. The exception here is that Taika Waititi embraces the Crazy, he fosters it and it does pay off. Remember how bad Thor: Dark World was? Probably not, because like most traumatic incidents you have lost the memory. Where could Thor take a standalone film that was enjoyable and still maintain a link to the Avengers universe? Planet Hulk is where!

Thor movies
Thor movies (Source:
The Marvel alchemists have taken numerous strands of lore and swirled them together to concoct the breathiest and most colourful confection in their short history. Guardians was funny because the characters were funny while Thor is funny because he is in on the joke. The problem then becomes one of tone. The film is peppering so many jokes and self deprecating nods that the structure becomes uneven which is most seen when the film creaks into Hero mode…you can hear the gears grinding. I am not a huge fan of Hemsworth but he is his most likable here and seems reinvigorated once that famous haircut takes place. The rest of the cast is amazing: Blanchett, Goldblum, Ruffalo, Hopkins and so on. There is just not enough time to go round. Cate Blanchett is brilliant as Hela and totally absorbs the screen whenever she is on. The character is underwritten and she still wrings something memorable from it. The film looks fantastic and most especially when they save their money shots for the big battles. Waititi employs a specific colour palette at times such as the Valkyrie battle which resembles a moving Renaissance painting and it is magnificent. The big question will be whether audiences buy into Waititis’ gamble. Will they laugh at the NZ accents as Korg says “Bro” and “New Doug”? If they do this will be a huge hit and a shot in the arm for the extended Marvel universe.

Source: Eden Rabatsch – imdb

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